“Being financially fit means living with clarity and confidence when it comes to your money and aligning your goals and spending with what you value most in in life”
— Scott Campbell, CFP, CCS
Wealth Coach

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Harness your cash flow so you can have the life you want with the money you already have

You make a good living and you’re passionate about your career. Living life to the fullest is what you strive for and now you’re ready to get your financial life on track and move forward with a game plan.

You're not just looking for advice, you're looking for a coach. Someone that can keep things simple, who really understands your "why", and will be there for you as you move closer to reaching your goals with an end target of reaching financial independence.

You're open, willing and ready to invest the time, money and energy into a financial planning relationship. As a fee-based Certified Financial Planner®️, you can expect transparency without the hidden commissions. I believe the advice you receive shouldn't be based on how much you can invest.

Let's see if we're a fit to work together!
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Work with me and receive:

Your own personalized Behavioral Cash Flow Plan

A savings plan to reach your goals using a low-cost investment approach through Wealthsimple

Planning and assistance with debt unification to ensure that your debt is structured most efficiently

Assistance with implementing the recommendations within your cash flow plan

Quarterly coaching calls to ensure that your plan is on track and to make adjustments along the way

Ongoing support and advice from me, your Wealth Coach. My clients are like family, I'm there for you, every step of the way