“Financial planning isn’t just about the numbers… it’s about what you value most in life, and what you want to experience… from there it’s simply implementing a system and a mindset to help you reach those goals”
— Scott Campbell, CFP, CCS
Wealth Coach

Hey, I’m Scott Campbell, and I get it.
I’ve experienced the same struggles that you may be facing right now.

Here's the thing:

It wasn’t too long ago that my wife and I sat down and did a review of our finances. We were doing a lot of things really well. We had a monthly savings plan established, the right insurance policies in place to protect each other, and we were even doing the small things like paying our mortgage bi-weekly to save interest. However, she and I quickly realized that we had a few leaky holes in our boat! We were not sinking quickly, but simply due to a lack of awareness as to where our cash flow was going each month, we found that we were building up a small but unnecessary amount of debt.

Well, I’m proud to say that I am one of only a few hundred Certified Cash Flow Specialists here in Canada, and after receiving my designation, the first call to action was to implement our own Behavioural Cash Flow Plan… and to summarize it for you, our financial health hasn’t been the same since!

In just a matter of days our Cash Flow Plan plugged those leaky holes, and within weeks we saw instant results in the form of increased savings, decreased debt, more joy and zero stress. I have to say though, the most rewarding part of implementing our cash flow plan, was that it gave my wife and I complete certainty and confidence in our finances moving forward.

Have any of these thoughts ever ran through your head?
  • “We make a pretty good income, but it doesn’t seem like we are getting ahead!”
  • “Ugh, my credit card bill is way higher than I planned for this month!”
  • “Where does all my money go each month? – it feels like it just evaporates!”

Life is expensive enough as it is, and there always seems to be yet another surprise expense popping up -- which is enough to derail even the best-laid savings plans.

Not only does life have a way of throwing curve balls at us, but in our world, we also have to deal with social media’s insane level of integration amongst our lives. I feel as though we’re constantly being bombarded with pictures of our friend’s new car, our co-workers brand new house, and a seemingly endless stream of sunny, pool-side vacation pictures. All of this leads to an annoying pressure and level of expectation that we feel compelled to spend our way up to.

Have you felt these pressures too?

I promise you,
there’s a way out.

My solution is unique -- here’s what I mean:

Drawing on my own experience, the majority of my clients and people I speak with struggle with their cash flow management and how to effectively pay down their debt. What is interesting, though, is that whether someone is earning $50,000 per year or $500,000 a year, we all have the same core challenges as it relates to our personal finances. As our man Notorious B.I.G. says, “Mo Money Mo Problems” – Am I right?

While investment and insurance products are important tools to achieve long-term financial success, they really should be secondary to implementing a sustainable, effective cash flow plan that accumulates wealth and puts your bank balances into a state of health.

No matter your situation, I’ll be sitting in the boat next to you, coaching you on how to paddle your way down the river of life, rather than zipping by you on a speedboat!

Perhaps you have been avoiding taking action on improving the health of your financial situation, or maybe you’re just worried that if you go in to see your typical suit and tie advisor, he or she is just going to sell you on the hottest mutual fund.

One way or another, I can tell you this much…
Live Boldly is ready to work with you, and I want to help you find your solution.
My proven Cash Flow Planning process guides you to financial health, increasing your wealth, and will allow you to reach your short, and long term goals with absolute certainty.