Hi, I'm Scott. I want to help you maximize your lifestyle using the money you already have

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Clarity. Confidence. Certainty.

This is the end result when you’re working alongside a Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS™ ). Once you implement a proven system that allows you to manage your cash flow most efficiently, you will begin to truly maximize the money you have.

Financial freedom starts with a personalized 
Behavioural Cash Flow Plan.

Never Budget Again

Traditional budgeting in today’s busy world just doesn't work anymore! Cash flow planning is a proven system that won’t require you to use a budgeting tool or make entries into an excel sheet.

Eliminate Unconscious Spending

With today’s technology, it’s so easy to “tap” and over spend unconsciously. Discover what really brings the most joy and happiness to your life. A cash flow plan will keep you on track to spend your money on the things that really matter.

Debt Management

Become debt free years, if not decades sooner! Eliminate unnecessary interest and structure your debt to be paid down most efficiently. It’s possible, and you don’t need to pinch pennies to make it happen!

Reach Your Goals

A cash flow plan is driven to help you reach your goals! Not only will it keep you on track to reaching your long term goal of retiring, but it will consistently help you with reaching your short term goals, ones that will bring a huge amount of joy to your life!



"Feeling the normal social pressures of keeping up, stacked upon starting at the bottom of a new industry has left me financially uncertain. Sitting down with Scott and mapping out a plan for this year has taken a great weight off of my shoulders. I have clarity, and a clear target to strive for."

Coleman Washbrook
Tilt Property Group

"When it comes to planning your finances and your future, without exception you need to deal with someone you trust has your best interest in mind, and with Scott there is never any question of so.

Throughout the whole process, he is engaged and energetic and completely genuine in his desire to help me, and I can feel that. For that reason, I won’t be going anywhere else."

Joel Eden
Eden Clothing

"My fiancé and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott. He is accommodating, knowledgeable and breaks Cash Flow Planning down into realistic and manageable steps. We thank him for the help he has provided and look forward to a future where we feel financially confident."

Brittany Serafini